Introducing DAP

 An electronic, “technology enhanced” music trio that focuses on performing songs in new and innovative ways.

"There is no art when one does something without intention"

 "DAP” is the future of live music entertainment. A self-contained trio that skillfully uses technology to assemble digitized audio composite tracks on the fly, seamlessly integrating them with live vocals and unmatched professionalism on traditional musical instruments. 

Specializing in remaking Classic songs in new and innovative ways, along with creating and performing original material, DAP’s goal is to be the “Go To” band of choice for clients that want Hip, New, Fresh entertainment for their event, party, fundraiser, convention or soiree. Playing songs as diverse as David Bowie to James Brown, from The Ohio Players to Cyndi Lauper, from Stevie Wonder to The Carpenters, from Queen to Wilson Pickett!

 Get some DAP to “Get the Party Started”, bring your next speaker onstage in an uplifting and lively manner, provide subtle, rich and distinctive background music for your guests to converse over…”DAP’s” sound is truly unique and captivating, the perfect live entertainment for any occasion.